16-17 Feb 2018 Pisa (Italy)


In 2016 two long standing open problems in Ramsey Theory of equations and polynomial configurations have been solved: the Boolean Pythagorean triples problem and the partition regularity of the configuration {x,x+y,xy}.
For this reason, problems regarding the partition regularity of nonlinear Diophantine equations and polynomial configurations are now in the spotlight of the mathematical community. An interesting feature of this topic is that different non-elementary techniques, including ultrafilters, ergodic theory, nonstandard analysis, semigroup theory and topological dynamics, can be applied to attack problems.
The aim of this Workshop is to present aspects of several of these different techniques, as well as to discuss some interesting related problems.

List of invited speakers

Ben Barber (University of Bristol);

Lorenzo Carlucci (University of Rome I "La Sapienza");

Alexander Fish (University of Sidney);

David Gunderson (University of Manitoba);

Oliver Kullmann (Swansea University);

Hanno Lefmann (Chemnitz University of Technology);

Sofia Lindqvist (University of Oxford);

Sean Prendiville (University of Manchester);   

Manuel Silva (Universidade Nova de Lisboa);                                                                              

Dona Strauss (University of Leeds);     

Caïus Wojcik (Université Lyon 1);                                                                                 

Luca Q. Zamboni (Université Lyon 1).


The conference will be held in the Aula Magna of the Mathematics Department, University of Pisa, Largo B. Pontecorvo 5, 56127 Pisa.


This workshop is partially supported by PRIN-MIUR grant "Models and Sets" and by the Progetto di Ricerca d’Ateneo (PRA) “Dynamical systems in analysis, geometry, logic and celestial mechanics” of the University of Pisa.

This Workshop is held under the advocacy of AILA (Italian Association for Logic and Applications), http://www.ailalogica.it/

For questions write to the organizers: Mauro Di Nasso (mauro.di.nasso@unipi.it) and Lorenzo Luperi Baglini (lorenzo.luperi.baglini@univie.ac.at)

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